“Riviera” pitted Olives in Extravirgin Olive Oil

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“Riviera” pitted Olives in Extravirgin Olive Oil 200 g cylindrical jar

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Product trade name: Pitted olives in extra virgin olive oil.
Product definition Black real olives dipped in extra virgin olive oil
Composition / Ingredients: Ingredients: 65% pitted black olives, 32% extra virgin olive oil, salt, wine vinegar (CONTAINS SULPHITES). May contain traces of LACTIC ACID.
May contain traces of: Lactic acid, sulfur dioxide.
Net weight: 180 g
External aspect: glass jar closed with metal capsule.
Storage conditions At room temperature, away from sunlight. Store in the refrigerator within 3 days after opening
Use of the product and indications for
The consumption of the product is not recommended for feeding children under the age of 36 months, and for low-sodium diets.
Consumption methods: to be consumed as it is
Duration (shelf life) to be consumed preferably within: thirty months from the production date
Organoleptic parameters Color: brownish-brown Scent: fragrant and persistent
Taste: intense
Appearance: pitted olive
Productive process: Olive washing, vinegar addition, potting, oil filling, encapsulation, pasteurization, labeling, warehouse storage.
Chemical parameters PH <4.6
Microbiological parameters – reducing sulphite clostridia <10 U / gr
– faecal coliforms <10 U / gr
– total coliforms <10 U / gr
– listeria monocitogenes absent U / gr
– salmonella absent U / gr
– golden staphylococci <50 U / gr
– yeasts <100 U / fc
– mold <100 U / fc
– bacillus cereus <100 U / fc
Average nutritional table per 100gr. of product Energy 417 Kcal / 1714 Kj
Total fats: 44 g
of which saturated: 5.8 g
Carbohydrates: 0.0 g
of which sugars: 0.0 g
Proteins: 2.2 g
Salt: 4.7 g
GMO declaration Based on information received from our. suppliers and knowledge acquired so far, we declare that the product does not originate from genetically modified organisms.
Packing method: loose pots on the platform re-wrapped with stretch film or packaged in thermo packs in Polypropylene or Polythene of 6/9/12/15 pieces
Transport and distribution method It is possible to transport with any vehicle, the distribution takes place both through our. means than through external suppliers